Sunshine in Sussex

June 01 2018 – With the prospect of a sunny weekend ahead we decided to head out on Friday, after work, to a Caravan & Motorhome certified site just west of Chichester in (West) Sussex.  

We booked for the Saturday night and then headed for The Bush Inn, Ovington, near New Alresford in Hampshire for Friday night.  It was a superb choice as the car park is large and quiet, and the pub is a fine example of a tucked-away country pub.  It’s by a river, down a quiet lane, at the end of a cul-de-sac, serves fine Wadworth beers along with some superb (but not cheap) food.  We both loved it.  Highly recommended stopover that we’ll use again. (I prefer to use pubs for Friday evenings than pay £20 or more just for the privilege of sleeping in a “posh” campsite.

For a quick overview check out the video below.  The first section shows the pub and surrounding area, the second part shows the farm site, Ashling Lodge, near Bosham, Chichester.

After our meal, and a few cold ones, we headed off to Humberto.  There were two other motorhomes with us for the evening, one couple returning to Poole in Dorset after 5 weeks touring Scotland.  The other one contained 4 youngish lads who, to their credit, couldn’t be heard and were gone by first light (off to a festival perhaps).

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The Bush Inn, Ovington, Hampshire. Highly recommended stop-over
Wadworth selection!! Only one thing to do in this situation….
Team Humberto – Angeline & Lee in a lovely Beer garden by the river.

On Saturday morning we took the backroads down to West Ashling and did our best to trim every hedgerow along the way.  It’s been wet-mild-wet-warm-sunny for a few weeks now and the general undergrowth has grown faster than other vehicles have trimmed it with their wing-mirrors.. ah well, just a few more surface scratches probably.

Ashling Lodge was as good a certified site as we’ve used so far.  No frills, just a field (hard ground, not boggy thankfully) with fresh water, a few hookups and a chemical disposal point.

There were two caravans at one end, a Motorhome by the side and the most superb view left unoccupied……I was there in a shot.  Within a few minutes we were in-situ with uninterrupted views across rolling Sussex countryside.  Perfect (as you can hopefully see in the video.

A classic A-Class view of Sussex. Better than any TV

Once we’d got settled we walked the 30 minutes to Bosham station (pronounced “Bossam” NOT “Bosh-am” …unless you want the Station Master to chuckle at you.  This is strange because it’s just down the road from Cosham, pronounced “COSH-AM”, where I used to work).

The Train to Chichester runs hourly, takes 6 minutes and costs £3 return so very handy.  Chichester is a lovely city, along the lines of Winchester and Salisbury.  Plenty of shopping in a busy, lively centre (with none, that I noticed, of the increasingly common empty shops you see in many towns lately).  Plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs. 

The weather was more or less perfect, blue skies and 24degC .  We got some provisions for an evening meal and, because we mis-timed the train, caught a taxi back to Ashling Lodge (£10).

Yes, it really was that nice

We BBQ’d the evening Burgers and sat out until fairly late with Beers & G&Ts.  

Sunday June 03 – The plan was to pack away leisurely and head home but it was absolutely perfect.  The other campers packed away and left us alone in the field, in baking sun and with the best view.  Apart from a Spitfire and other sundry WW2 aircraft buzzing us at low altitude (Goodwood Aerodrome is nearby) is was very peaceful so we decided to stay on and “commute” back to work (I work from home) early on Monday morning.  It was a sensible choice.  We had a lovely day entirely to ourselves and missed, by all accounts on the radio, traffic mayhem.

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people decide, at lunchtime on a sunny Sunday, to head to the South Coast of England.  I mean every single road to the coast is stationary on such days.  Crazy.  If you aren’t sat on the beach by 10am then don’t bother setting off (Oh…don’t get me started on the A303 past Salisbury.  I live quite close by so I know not to bother during daylight hours).

So nothing more to report other than I drank my birthday present this weekend, A real Ale sampling box.  I can attest to the fact that 26degC and chilled Ale is a combination made in heaven.

Another nice cold ‘un
Don’t mind if I do
If you insist
The Manchester Bee… and I am originally from Manchester so it would be rude not to

So that’s it.  We had a fairly early night, me slight pink from a day in the sun (after 6 months of dull, drizzly, English Autumn/Winter/Spring).  

Monday June 04 2018 – We hit the A27/M27/M3/A34/A303 commuter nightmare back  home (How the hell do people do that every day?) and I logged on to my work at 08:59!!!  Perfect timing.

Please drop us a comment (so we know you are out there) and, if you check out the video, please click on the subscribe.  That way you’ll see if new videos are uploaded and we know we aren’t doing this for no reason (although it helps me remember all the great times we have travelling in Humberto the Hymer).

Bye for now.


Lee & Angeline (Team Humberto).


2 thoughts on “Sunshine in Sussex

  1. Garry says:

    Hi Lee an excellent blog, ah Brakspear Bitter lovely …. anyway really liked the drone photography, could I ask what model of drone do you use ? Ta

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Gary

      It’s a DJI Mavic Pro. It’s amazing bit of technology that still holds up I think.
      There are small, cheaper, drones but the Mavic has great battery life which is quite important when it’s a kilometer out at sea.

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