A quick trip to Dieppe

A quick update about our trip to Dieppe.

(1) We’ve been so busy trying to buy a flat (just east of Brighton) that it’s been difficult to find any time to write about our trip.  The long and short of it it is that we were going to get the keys to the Flat on September 28th so we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to try out the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing the week leading up to completion.

(2) I FINALLY had my request for voluntary redundancy accepted!!  It was all very last minute because I swapped with someone “at risk” who wanted to keep their job.  I learned about it in July, while we were on holiday in France, and I was redundant (retired?) a month later on September 1st !!!!

(3) Our main house in Hampshire is on the market, which needed lots of tidying up for the photos and so on.

(4) Our Daughter just got approval for a mortgage on a “starter” house nearby.

It has been so hectic, and continues to be so, but in a very exciting way.  It feels like our plans to try full-timing in 2019 are coming together.  But back to Dieppe…

Newhaven ferry is 4 miles from our new flat so, while we waited for the Solicitors to do whatever they do, we decided we could hop over to Dieppe for 6 days then come back and pick up the keys on the 28th.

Thursday September 20th – We headed down to Newhaven after work and stayed at the Hope Inn, right next to the Quayside.  We even got to see the 11pm departure sailing right by us.  It’s a super convenient pub-stop, nice Beer (but we missed the restaurant by arriving after 9pm).

(Click for larger images)

Humberto outside The Hope Inn
Beer & Crisps..Restaurant closed.
I’ve never said No to a pint of Timmy Taylors and tonight was no exception.

The wind was blowing a hooey and it got much worse overnight.  I went outside early on Friday to take some photos!!

Friday September 21st – It’s never a good pre-Ferry sight when the waves are breaking over the Lighthouse but they certainly were.  It was brutally windy and the harbour wall was taking a beating at first light.

Oh dear! I have very poor sea-legs.
Stunning morning (for staying on dry land)

We drove the mile to the docks and boarded the 9am to Dieppe.  The view from the deck was pretty ominous as the waves were hitting the harbour wall even harder.

Maybe it’s not as rough as it seems…maybe.

I made a (good) decision to eat before we set sail.  I had a full English breakfast and finished just as the ship left the calm of the harbour.  The walk back to the cabin was like a ride at Alton Towers, I was almost airborne at stages.  I got back to the cabin and buried my head in the pillow.  Thankfully it calmed down after about an hour and I was fine.  Other (green faced) passengers clearly had it worse.  Cheap daytime cabins are worth every penny.

We arrived in Dieppe around 2pm and headed for the Aire de Camping Car right next to the harbour.  It’s a journey of about 1km at most.  It costs 12.40Euro per night, is fully automated with a ticket machine that takes cards, has fresh water, 240V and disposal points.  It’s all we needed (we didn’t bother with a 240v hookup as our Solar Panel and 2 leisure batteries deal with all our needs on sunny days.)

Are you looking Britain? France make it so easy for Motorhomers. (You can still see our Ferry)

Looking the other way from the Aire you can see Dieppe and it’s a short (10 minutes) walk into the heart of the town.

Dieppe from the Aire de Camping Car
Dieppe Harbour

I’ve never been to Dieppe before but (a) The crossing is much cheaper than Portsmouth, about half-price (b) It’s a lovely town, much nicer than I’d been expecting.

Looking down on Dieppe from the Chateau
Bars and restaurants abound in Dieppe
The main shopping street, just off the harbour.

Saturday September 22nd – We’d heard that there was a really nice market on Saturday morning so we decided not to head up the coast but stay for the day.  It was well worth it.  It has a very long main shopping street which is entirely filled with a vibrant market.  So much beautiful local produce on display, there’s a lifetime of eating in just this one market I think.

“Royal Fruits” Greengrocers. Fruit & Veg made into an art form.
The market takes place under the watchful gaze of the church.
It seemed rude not to have a glass of White at the Cafe des Tribunaux
Rude not to

Sunday/Monday September 23rd/24th – We headed 20 or so miles north to the clifftop Aire de Camping Car, overlooking the seaside resort of Tréport.

There are 2 adjoining Aires on the cliffs some 500 metres from the Funicular “railway” down into town.  It’s a spectacular location costing a mere 6Euros a night.  Unfortunately it was raining horizontally on Sunday.  I got soaked filling up with fresh water in Dieppe and the clifftop location of Tréport meant we were subjected to a huge battering all day (see my video).  Truly brutal weather all afternoon so we battened down the hatches and woke to a stunning day on Monday.

Two Aires on the clifftops. Humberto is in the Aire to the right. The weather was NOT like this when we arrived.
Looking down to Tréport from the cliffs

The Funicular is free (Are you listening Britain?..Free!) and runs every couple of minutes.  The cars take about 8 people but it was very quiet when we were there and 3 was the maximum we had in a car.

The Funicular track running through the cliffs.
The Poissonerie in town

Tréport is a small seaside town with just a few bars and restaurants.  It’s fine for a day, maybe two, strolling around the harbour, getting a coffee or maybe some seafood.  It’s definitely worth going for the Funicular alone as the view is spectacular when you emerge from the cliff face.

Treport harbour
A stunning location. You can just about see Humberto on the left if you squint.

On our final night we were treated to a wonderful sunset.  The cliffs were turned orange and you could watch Parascenders gracefully flying by, into the setting sun.

Two forms of aviation, one more graceful than the other
I’m so jealous of this guy!!
A wonderful way to remember our short stay at Tréport.

Tuesday/Wednesday September 25th/26th – With two nights remaining before we had to return to collect the keys to our new flat we decided to head back to Dieppe, as we said we’d like to try the other Aire de Camping Car in town.  It’s on the opposite side of the harbour, right on the pebble beach.

This Aire is perfect for a stroll along the Promenade and slightly nearer the town centre (in truth it may be just a couple of minutes walk closer).  The cost is the same, the automation is the same (Collect a ticket from the machine and pay at machine on exit, like many an underground car park in the UK).  It’s very intuitive and it takes cards,

Sunset watching on the Dieppe Prom

Thursday September 27th – We drove the mile back to the ferry port for the 12:30 crossing back to Newhaven and arrived mid-afternoon.

We’d booked a few nights at the C&M site in Brighton we’d used before.  It’s handy for the coastal buses and, as usual, is a spotless (but very busy/popular) site.  We were lucky to get in.

Friday September 28th – We walked to the coast road, hopped a 27 Bus to the Estate Agents and collected the keys to our new flat.

After a year of trying to buy a rental flat somewhere we finally got the one we wanted.  Now to decorate and get it rented out….to help fund a life on the road in 2019

The view from our new flat……..seems a shame to rent it to someone

OK, that’s it for now.  We’re traveling to the flat tomorrow for a few days, paint and polyfilla in the car.  I’m not sure when we’ll next have the chance to get away in Humberto, probably a few nights at the end of October or early November but we’ll be making the most of our new temporary position near Brighton whilst it’s ours.

Check out some videos >>> HERE <<<

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4 thoughts on “A quick trip to Dieppe

    1. Humberto says:

      Thanks Anna

      If nothing else I like to try and capture the places we visit in their best light with my camera.

      I highly recommend Dieppe on Saturday morning as the market is very lively and a good size. Our new flat is 4 miles from Newhaven so I expect to be using the crossing to Dieppe a lot more.

      Hopefully the Blog will be more active once we hit the road in Spring 2019. I hope to be stood on Pulpit Rock, Norway, on my Birthday (May 23rd).


  1. Greg vickers says:

    Hi Lee

    Love hearing about your plans and property decisions.
    My wife and I are 51 so another 4 years before we can contemplate retirement- until then will live the dream through your adventures- keep up the posts and a big thank you 😊👍

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Greg,
      Our house sale is progressing (but you never know until you get the cash in the Bank in England right?).
      We’ve just got back from the Dordogne, viewing a property. If we sell the house then we’ll most likely offer on the French house and move over.
      If that property doesn’t work out then we’ll revert from that Plan A to the original Plan A, which is to go travelling.
      In that respect it’s a win/win. Either option works for me although, if we buy the house then the Blog will be on indefinite hold.

      I’ll know in the next 3-4 weeks and update the Blog accordingly.
      In preparation I just had 2 new rear tyres fitted (15″ Michelin Agilis Camping) and the drop-down bed gas struts replaced (it was a struggle to lift the bed back up).

      My redundancy/retirement came out of the blue so I hadn’t fully prepared for it. I’d start preparing now if I were you. It will help prevent the next 4 years dragging so much and allows you to head off immediately, without “wasting” retirement time selling houses and prepping the MoHo.


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