A Romantic Birthday Car-Park

Since it was Angeline’s birthday on Saturday we thought that the ideal way to celebrate was to spend the night in a deserted Pub car-park!! *

* It’s quite possible that only fellow Motorhomers will understand that this is an acceptable way to “treat” your Wife on her birthday.

We decided to have a nice meal, with our daughter and her Fianceé, at a pub we really love, The Bush Inn, Ovington, Hampshire.   We stayed there in June (>>See Here<<) and knew we’d return fairly soon.  It’s the ideal Friday night get-away.  It’s accessed from a quiet country lane and in its own cul-de-sac, so no passing traffic.  You feel very secure there.

The morning after the night before. The Bush Inn, Ovington.  Where’d everyone go?

The meal was superb, as usual.  It’s not cheap but I think you get what you pay for, it’s on the “gastro” side of things without being extreme.  “Posh Pub Grub” describes it really.

Saturday July 28 – The Birthday

The goal was to find a campsite near shops, so we could have a nice day out in town, shopping and having a nice meal.  Winchester was an obvious choice as we know it well (it’s 20 miles from home) but we rarely see it as tourists.

I booked a night at Morn Hill site (Caravan & Motorhome) and headed over.  It took all of 15 minutes to get there and we had to wait an hour for reception to open at 12 noon.

Motorhomes are just perfect for this “flitting about” lifestyle.  All I did was drive onto our pitch, put the handbrake on, turn the engine off, and that was it.  No set-up time, no filling water barrels, no hook-up required, no waste container to slide under the wheels, we were camping 20 seconds later.  This is a bigger advantage when the weather is poor, as it was this weekend.  The long hot spell had ended very suddenly in high winds and horizontal rain.

An hour later we were on the #64 bus to Winchester.  There’s a bus stop 5 minutes walk away from the site and it’s a 5 minute ride to the City centre.

Winchester Town Hall. The #64 stops here.

It was lunch time and starting to rain so we headed up to Jewry Street to find a nice restaurant, something Winchester isn’t short of.  All the TV Chefs seem to have a place in town (although Jamie’s Pizza place has gone I notice).  We opted for Brasserie Blanc and weren’t disappointed.  Great service, nice food, well presented.

A Smoked-Salmon Starter never looked so good. Brasserie Blanc.

We spent the afternoon browsing shops, getting a coffee and generally killing time.  It was nice to see the City as a tourist rather than as a shopper in a hurry.  I’d like to go back for a few days just to photograph the place more.

Here we can see one form of Street-Artist
Here we can see another form of Street-Artist. The Mighty Gareth, Sword-Swallower and Chainsaw Juggler..I kid you not.

After coffee we headed back to the 64 Bus (every 30 minutes).

Birthday Girl and me

Angeline had brought some Chocolate, Strawberries and (lots of) Sauvignon-Blanc so, after some alchemy, she produced a heap of Chocolate-dipped Strawberries for afternoon “High-Tea”.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

If only we had some chilled Sauvignon-Blanc to wash this lot down with. What’s that? WE HAVE!!!!

Our afternoon pigging-out session was interrupted by a knock at the door.   That’s odd!  I just assumed I’d contravened Caravan & Motorhome site rules by parking 4mm too far away from the ‘sacred white marker post’ (Some of you will know what I mean), but no, we hadn’t broken site law.  It was Andy & Hil(ary)…..a couple of new Hymer owners who follow us on Youtube*  and recognised us.  They’d come over to say hello.  Something I highly encourage.

Since we were down to our last 100 or so Strawberries (I exaggerate slightly)  we invited them in for a glass and a berry or two.

They had the same questions about ‘Vanlife’ that we had ourselves a year or so ago so we answered as many questions as we could and told plenty of “war stories”, I think it’s like the Hitchhiker’s Guide though, “Don’t Panic” is all you really need to  concentrate on.  The rest comes with time.  Eventually you stop leaving fingerprints in the steering wheel and relax your grip, the oncoming Petrol Tanker will probably move over slightly.

It was great to know that the Blog, and Youtubes, are reaching some people out there.

We popped round to Andy and Hil’s on Sunday morning  or a look at their lovely new Motorhome and to see  how “Bling” they were in 2018 compared to 2008. (Was that today? It seems an age ago already).

The weather had turned foul.  It was raining sideways and the trees were taking a beating from the wind.  We said our goodbyes (Hello Again Andy and Hil by the way) and headed home (which took 20 minutes).

Another lovely break.  I think it’s these spontaneous short breaks, with a change of location or two, that make Motorhoming so fantastic.  It’s just so effortless to “change the view”.  I loved our Conway folding camper (huge trailer tent) but effortless short breaks in horizontal rain really weren’t its natural habitat.

We’re already bored and looking at our next chance to get away.. but the annual MOT is calling, our house needs selling, an apartment needs buying, my employment status could be changing……it could be about to get super busy.

See you on the other side…whenever that is

Lee & Angeline Humberto

8 thoughts on “A Romantic Birthday Car-Park

  1. Garry says:

    Hi Lee you have really pushed the boat out ! Great to see that Angeline had a memorable day and that all went to plan, proving if you have the right company you don’t have to go far to enjoy. I chuckled at your comment about the white post rule. At a recent Caravan and Motorhome site the warden informed us daily of our transgressions and would precursor his comments with “Technically speaking you can’t “ ….. having brought up our kids ( now adults) that there is no such word as can’t it came as a shock !. We really enjoy your blog and your drone videos , keep them coming, hopefully amidst all your upheaval !

    1. Humberto says:

      I managed to flatten the “sacred white marker post” on our way out. I did own up to it though and the warden said it happens a lot.

      I’m currently trying to figure out how to combine so many videos, from so many devices, into a quick summary of our French trip. I need to consolidate into fewer video devices I think. With that in mind I’ve been testing FILMIC Pro App for my phone … and it seems amazing so far.


  2. Anna says:

    We have lived in our motorhome in 4 months now and love it! We work as digital nomads with websites and are dependent of nothing else than internet now and then 🙂 I wish you good luck with selling your house. We sold everything we owned before moving in to FrankieBoy. I hope we will meet on the roads.

    1. Humberto says:


      We have a week of estate Agents now. We’re waiting for contracts on the flat. I’m waiting to see if HR offer me a redundancy deal …. The light at the end of the tunnel is the chance to live near Brighton for a while, why we decorate the flat, then to celebrate my May birthday in the Lofoten Islands next year. Fingers crossed. There’s potential for lots to go wrong and I don’t like planning too far ahead…”God just laughs when you tell him your plans”… as we have found out this year.

  3. Andy says:

    Quick turn around on the Blogmin!

    Thank you so much for your hospitality and time on Saturday… and sorry again to crash the birthday celebrations! Was a good deal of ‘shall we, shan’t we’ before we knocked, but so glad we did!

    Wonderful to discuss your experiences and see Humberto in all his glory. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and sorry to make you traipse so far in that terrible weather to see Hilton on Sunday. We’ve long been forming vague plans for Lofoten next year too- but probably July and a lot of things need to fall into place first.

    Good luck with all your current milestones on the way to completing the full timing jigsaw, hope it starts coming together for you both soon.

    Until then, happy trails and enjoy the other side – when you get there… thanks again for the inspiring work and tips.


    Andy @ Team Hilton

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Andy

      Great to meet you both. The work thing is falling into place…and I’m currently signing important documents !!! fingers crossed for Norway in late May…then who knows?


  4. John says:

    We were in the Lofoten at the end of May this year and although a good time to miss the Summer rush of motorhomes piling in, the weather wasnt good. We had one brilliant sunny day in Raften where we took refuge from the weather in an Airbnb for a couple of nights and it was truly a beautiful place but in total we had 6 nights in the Lofoten and the clouds mostly didnt budge and spoiled the view so we headed South. Dont get me wrong tho, we had a month touring Norway and travelled from Kirkenes (near Russian border) through Slettnes light house for the midnight sun (which was amazing) and Nordkapp, all round the coast down to Trondheim and finally exiting to Lillyhammer and then Sweden and was trully an amazing adventure. Above the Arctic Circle in May you will see many frozen lakes. We parked up next to a Norwegian motorhome and watched in amazement as the owners skied across the lake and drilled holes in the ice and fished (now you dont see that everyday in Hampshire lol). You will love it!

    1. Humberto says:

      Thanks for the tip John. It’s a delicate balancing act isn’t it? We don’t want to be there with summer crowds but also want to see the main sights (not through fog/clouds).

      We won’t have a time-constraint though (touch wood) and could, if needs must or we are happy to do so, stay until July and the start of the crowds. I want to visit Nordkapp, because it’s part of a To Do list more than anything else, so we could have 2 shots at the Western coast, going up and coming back down.

      If, as is currently planned, Aug 31st is my final day at work, time-pressures are off. I would love to spend my birthday, at the end of May, looking at some stunning Norwegian scenery. Fingers crossed.

      Nordkapp on Summer Solstice (June 21) has a ring to it. That would put us back in Lofoten in early-mid July. It could work out on our way back to touch-base in the UK.

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