Back in Dieppe

June 3rd 2019

After the smoothest of (5pm) crossings from Newhaven, and making use of a cheap daytime cabin (always money well spent, to avoid screaming bored children, running around the ferry), we arrived in Dieppe at 10pm local time. It was just going dark but the Aire we used is only 1 minute, literally, from the Ferry.

Within 10 minutes of leaving immigration checks we were pitched and ready for a sleep.

The Aire is €12 for 24 hours which is expensive for an “Aire de Camping Car” but the convenience more than makes up for it.

As previous blogs should have made clear, Dieppe is well worth a couple of days, especially on the promenade Aire (Just 5 minutes from this one). If you do visit then come on a Friday so you can see the big Saturday morning market.

We’re having a very lazy lie-in before heading 70km South to Gournay-en-Bray and Songeons. We’ll try to fit in a visit to Gerberoy tomorrow morning.

For now though it’s time to put some distance between us and the UK.

So long to Newhaven and, through the haze, Brighton.


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