Bergerac… still hot

July 2nd 2019

Bergerac is a lovely city. If we move to France it’s going to be our local “big shop” town.

It has lots of superstore type shopping on the outskirts but yet maintains it’s beautiful old town, on the river.

We’re using the tree cover to stay cool at Camping le Pelouse. It’s a 20 minute walk, over the bridge, to the old town….and Cyrano de Bergerac.

The beautiful old town
Walking back to the campsite

There are plenty of restaurants in town and lots more than typical souvenir shops.

The area has a history of tobacco growing, including the house we are interested in (a former tobacco drying barn). The Tobacco Museum seemed like a logical place to visit and it gives a good overview of the, now defunct, industry (although it does paint tobacco in a very rosy light).

Just some of the extraordinary smoking and tobacco related paraphenalia

After the museum and stunning salad (yet another salade Périgourdine for me) we strolled back to get out of the heat.

Yes, it’s still hot here, mid-30s, and it won’t break until the weekend.

Tomorrow we may head to the coast to see if it’s cooler.

Meanwhile I’ll stay under the trees with a cuppa.


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