Dinant, Belgium

Sep 17 2019 I’d first seen Dinant on a post by the #hiltonthehymer folks. I have no idea why this town isn’t better known, it’s extraordinarily spectacular.
Are there many places as spectacular as this?
It’s home to a clifftop Citadel as well as the Leffe beer museum (Tiny Leffe is one kilometre downstream). We made those 2 places our must-see items. Luckily there’s a cable-car to the Citadel and it’s worth the fare. The Citadel tour is very interesting but it’s the views from its wall that take your breath away.
View from the Citadel
It doesn’t get much better for a photographer
Next we made our way to the Leffe Museum, Maison Leffe (pr. ‘Leffah’). I love their beers but never realised their ancient history and traditions. By the time you’ve toured the museum, and heard about the ingredients..etc, you’ve developed quite a thirst. The €7 ticket buys you a 3 beer tasting at the bar plus a free bottle of your choice. I think it works out cheaper than drinking in the local bars. I came away with my 2 favourites “Royale” and “Brune”. Both delicious.
My two favourites
Our tasting samples
Dinant, birthplace of Adolphe Sax(ophone)
Don’t Look Down
Notre Dame, Dinant
So, in short, I’d say Dinant is an unmissable 2 night stop if you are visiting Belgium. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The campsite is 20 minutes walking from town, along the river (Camping Devant Bouvignes). Lee

4 thoughts on “Dinant, Belgium

  1. Hilton The Hymer says:

    It’s a lovely spot, like you say – you wonder why it’s not better known… mind you Bruge is always bursting at the seems yet Ghent was probably equally as nice but half as busy.

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