Dramatic Sunsets and a Change of View

July 9th 2019

We’re now a few miles inland, at Saint-Symphorien, Camping Vert Bord’Eau.

The truth was that the Archachon Bay can get a bit “Butlins” and, since the French kids broke up this week, it was heading that way.

Our final night had, instead of the previous picture postcard sunset, a dramatic storm-front.

The sunset on one side and the thunderstorm the other made for dramatic skies over the Bay.

Storm clouds vs Sunset
Huge clouds and tiny boats illuminated by the sun’s last rays
Time to run for cover I think

As you can probably guess I had to run for cover as a heavy downpour followed.

Luckily we were packed away already.

I’m not sure what delights await us here but we booked 2 nights.

Watch this space.


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