Tourmalet…Everybody Breathe In!

July 18th 2019

Two days and counting until the Tour de France hits the Col du Tourmalet.

We moved South in order to find a spot at the summit of Col du Tourmalet but, after a hair-raising, white-knuckle, drive to the summit, there was “no room at the inn”.

OK…. How are we going to do this?
Everybody breathe in and don’t look to the right.

Even arriving 2 days before the race doesn’t get you a spot. Every blade of grass, no matter how precarious, was taken by motorhomes.

We turned around at the summit and headed back down. I’m glad we didn’t find a spot actually. The last few kilometres were in cloud, cold and damp.

We found a superb car park in the centre of Barèges, 12km back down the hill. It’s got all the facilities we need and everything you don’t have camped on the edge of a precipice in fog/cloud.

It’s a great spot in Barèges, river behind us and the village in front.

I’m sure the car park will be rammed full in 2 days but we’re in, backs to the river, nice and level with Wine & Beer on board.

We can chill out tomorrow then find a spot by the roadside on Saturday to watch the circus come through.

Watch this space.

Update. It’s now 8pm and our relatively undiscovered car park has been discovered. So glad we got a nice spot earlier. It’s all getting a bit bitchy, about who has more space…etc.

There we are, right at the back, next to the river.

2 days to go. How packed will it get?

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