Finally! Back in Humberto.

It’s been so long since we were able to get away, what with buying a flat, and grown-up children moving out into their first house and, in one case, into the flat we just bought (ah well, easy come, easy go), that we decided we had to head off somewhere soon.

With Christmas over, and the last of the Roast spuds eaten, we managed to find a space, rather unexpectedly, at nearby Salisbury. This Caravan & Camping site (Hudson Field) was the very first site we used in Humberto just over 2 years ago.

We’ve been bogged-down at this site on our previous visit so it was important we got a hard-standing this time. Luckily the pitch we got meant we could look out towards Sarum Hill.

(Click on image for full size photo)

We arrived on Sunday 30th December just before dark (16:30 at this time of year), put the heating on, and had dinner.

The following day we decided to walk into Salisbury. It’s an almost traffic-free 35 minute stroll into town (clue. Walk down Hudson field, through the gap to Stratford Rd, turn left, then right into Hathaway Cl. Turn right into Capulet Rd. and you’ll see the entrance to the path on your right, behind the houses. Turn left onto the path and then follow the signs to town).

If you’ve never been to Salisbury then clearly it’s worth a visit. even if you have been to Salisbury it’s worth a visit in fact. It has plenty of decent shopping, pubs, restaurants and caf├ęs. Some of the pubs are older than many countries, several centuries older in some cases.

After coffee and cake we strolled back and wondered whether we had the stamina (or desire) any more to stay up to welcome in the new year. Of course we did, but it was very low key. We stuck our heads outside to watch the midnight fireworks in the distance and called it quits.

New Years Day 2019:

We’d made plans to do very little on NYD but we did manage to wander up to the top of Sarum Hill. It was ridiculously mild weather (some people were in short sleeves) which made for a very warm walk up the hill. It’s well worth a visit though (even better on less busy days). There are superb views over Wiltshire from the circular walk atop the defensive earthworks (Hard to image the effort involved in digging out the trenches and constructing the “walls”).

The benefit of the long uphill slog is the downhill walk all the way back to campsite.

To cut a long story short we did very little for the rest of the day and cleared off home on January 2nd.

It’s only 40 minutes from home but the important point is that we got away and back in the routine of Motorhome admin jobs. We may head off to France for a week or two in January so it’s good to get used to 6.5 metre living (and start addressing some of the issues on Humberto.. like the new resistor I need to fit to the hot air blower and the dodgy electrical connection to the sink tap).

Anyway, 2019 may be our biggest year yet so keep checking in for updates.

Happy New Year!!

Lee & Angeline Humberto

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