Finally! …. We’re Off!

It’s been a long time, but it’s been busy. Let me explain.

May 23 2019.

My 57th birthday and the day we handed over keys to our house. We were there, in Andover, Hampshire, in that house, for 23 years. We raised our two children there but now it’s time for someone else to raise their family.

It took weeks of packing but our possessions are now in storage and we’re spending a week at a local site (Rivermead, Weston Colley)

It’s a lovely site, near Winchester, part of the C&C network.

I mowed our lawn for the final time and, strangely, have no nostalgia for our old house.

We sell our car to a friend on Saturday, cancel the car insurance and that, hopefully, is the last of the endless admin.

We’re officially homeless!

We’ve had a few farewell drinks with friends and had time to “decompress” on the campsite, but I’m getting bored now. I want to hit the road.

We booked a ferry from Newhaven on Monday afternoon. We’ll get to Dieppe around 11pm, pitch up at the Aire near the docks, then plan a route down to Bergerac.

I’ll take up the story once we start on the journey. I’m putting my feet up for a while.



2 thoughts on “Finally! …. We’re Off!

    1. Humberto says:

      1 month done now since we sold the house and moved into the MoHo full time.
      All going well
      See you in August mate.

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