Fireworks and Bands in St Genix

Friday, July 13:

Friday the 13th??  Actually nothing bad happened unless you count the campsite’s reception we arrived at being closed for another couple of hours.  We decided we didn’t want to wait around and ended up in St Genix sur Guier, a perfectly pleasant little town on the river Guier.

The river Guier at St Genix sur Guier

The approach to the site looked rather like abandoned ground but it’s deceptive, keep driving another 200 yards and you arrive at a nice little site (Les Bord du Guiers), within 5 minutes stroll to town (not that there’s a lot there). 

Our plan was to use it as an overnight stop, before heading North but it was so nice and peaceful there we turned it into a very lazy 3 nights and did some reading.

BBQ on the bike rack….. perfect for a lazy 3 days

We thought we may get an early night until, at around 10pm, we heard the local Brass band heading our way.  They pitched up at the tennis courts next door, played a few tunes then let off a very impressive Firework display.  It was a day early but the local towns spread out their Bastille day celebrations allowing you to go to several over the weekend.  I’ve seen much worse paid displays in the UK so Chapeau to tiny St Genix.

Early Night? We don’t think so

Saturday, July 14 – Bastille Day

We strolled into town for coffee and bread before the shops closed (we weren’t sure what would be open on the 14th) and walked straight into the local band again!!  No fireworks just a small parade of locals and the Fire department.  We were convinced that the Fire Department had used a Dad’s Army DVD as a reference for how to march correctly.  It was all very “Corporal Jones” with a touch of “Private Godfrey” thrown in.

Nothing much else to report really, we read, we drank chilled Rosé, had a BBQ and headed further North on Monday, with a Eurotunnel booking on Wednesday afternoon looming.


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