France and the Journey Home

Since we only had summer clothing on board, and with the Brexit threat looming, we decided we should return home (actually my parents’ home, near Winchester), collect our belongings, then head back into France.

A hard Brexit brings with it the threat if disruption and chaos at the ports so, if we were going to get trapped, let’s get trapped in France.

Sundown over the Aire at Jons

Thursday, October 03 – Our first stop was a free Aire, outside Lyon, at Jons. Nothing to report other than that it was another welcome example of the Aire de Camping Car network in France.

Jons. Aire de Camping Cars are really all you need when you’re en-route somewhere.

Friday, October 04 – Our next stop was at a favourite site. The Municiple, just outside Beaune.

Beaune Municiple. Very civilised and a short walk to town.

The campsite has super-fast free WiFi and a restaurant on site. It’s a 15 minute walk into town, where you’ll find lots of Cafés, bars and restaurants.

We both went for the Boeuf Bouriguignon (when in Rome..) at a lovely corner sport.

Watching the Saturday shoppers in Beaune, with a local brew.

Sunday, October 06 – Finally, after a long, rainy, windy, drive north, we arrived for our final stop. Honfleur.

I don’t think it gets more picturesque than Honfleur.

Honfleur is, as a budding photographer, one of my favourite places. The harbour is just stunning.

Rain and dusk can’t spoil Honfleur.

We had a ferry booked on Tuesday, October 08, so we had a couple of days just to wander the back streets of Honfleur, grab a meal and a few breakfast coffees, and that was another trip done and dusted.

A cup of Cidre. Must be Normandie.
Honfleur at night
Back on the Le Havre to Portsmouth ferry.

In all we were away this time for slightly over 3 weeks. That’s amazing because it felt like much longer…. in a good way.

We saw so much, so many different places, such different weather, heard different languages and chatted to many nationalities.

It’s the main reason I bother to write this blog. There just no way I can remember all the places we’ve been, courtesy of our fabulous motorhome, Humberto.

I strongly recommend getting one.

Reality…. Tescos, Andover.

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