Heading South..slowly

June 4th 2019

After another lazy start (It’s just our way, we don’t do “crack of dawn”) we headed south and ended up at Songeons Aire.The Aire at Songeons reminds me why motorhoming in France is such a joy. It’s clean, it’s pleasant, it’s a 5 minute stroll to town and it’s free!OK, if you want to top up with fresh water it costs €2 (tokens available from the Bar Tabac) but €2 doesn’t even register when you can pay over £30 A night at a UK Caravan & Motorhome site.

€2 to top up the water tank and we’re off.

I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less on some campsites. Highly recommended. Songeons is a perfectly nice little town but it’s main selling point is it’s proximity to “village of roses” Gerberoy, a mere 10 minute cycle ride away (mostly uphill, you have been warned). I rode up there in between thunder showers and associated high winds. It’s quaint and lovely. Nothing more to add.

It IS however a superb downhill ride back to Songeons.

Songeons memorial to the war dead

Rain has been the constant factor so far so, today (Wednesday 5th June) we decided to use it as a driving day.We only moved 90 minutes south, to Giverny, just west of Paris.Giverny is home to Monet’s house and garden, in fact a large complexes been built to house everything Monet.One extremely handy facility is the huge car park, with free overnight stops for motorhomes.

Giverny car park. No services, but it’s flat and free.

It’s continued to rain solidly all day but I walked to the museum complex and bought tickets for tomorrow. This let’s you jump any queues and get in at 09:30 opening.The paths around the complex are lovely enough, with several cafes, but we’ll do it properly tomorrow.

Looking forward to a (dry) walk around the gardens tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Heading South..slowly

  1. Steve Corrigan says:

    Greetings from Steve Corrigan. I half expected to see a pic of you doing your “Hovis boy” re-enactment from the bread advert .. it looks very similar! Stop moaning about cycling uphill, you know you have the thighs for it…

    1. Humberto says:

      Hey Steve!!!! Great to hear from you.
      I never cycled Hovis Hill (Shaftesbury, Wilts) but I may give this a go tomorrow. It seems the sensible thing to do, don’t cycle for an entire month then immediately try to cycle a Tour de France Mountain pass, on an ancient mountain bike. We’ll see. It looks awfully steep.

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