Homeward Bound

30th July 2019

We’re currently sat in the Aire de Camping Car, in Dieppe, waiting for the 12:30 to Newhaven.

Since we left the lovely vineyard we’ve really just been on a slow bee-line here.

Ville Étape. An honour to have the Tour de France start/end in your town
Another day, another Aire de Camping Car

We called it day at Les Séguiniere, near Cholet. Nothing more than an overnight stop and the chance to grab a baguette.

The next day we made it to the Municiple site on the edge of Alencon. It’s a great find, everything you need, quite empty, 10 minutes stroll from town and €12 a night!!!

Camping de Guerame. Can’t grumble at €12
Walking in to Alencon. Lovely place. Need to return.
Not a bad view with your evening meal

We walked into Alencon and had a meal on the main plaza. It was a lovely warm evening, not unbearably hot like so many previous days of the heatwave.

We spent 2 nights at Camping de Guerame (showers, laundry..etc) before heading up to Dieppe.

I’ve been looking forward to Moules Frites for 2 months now. I got my wish and managed to snap a tooth on a fragment of shell. That will end up being my most expensive meal ever.

The UK Dentist is booked. The broken tooth doesn’t hurt but I think the dentist bill is going to be very painful. Ah well. Worse things do happen.

What will the final bill be for this meal?

OK. Time to pack up and then head the final 500 yards to the ferry.

We’re booked into the C&M site in Brighton tonight. From there it’s back “home” for the MOT and the Dentist.


After a lovely night out in Brighton with our Son we awoke the next day and headed to my parents’ house, for some driveway camping near Winchester.

Since the next few weeks are all about admin (Dentist, MOT, insurance) and killing time until the schools are back in session, allowing us to return to mainland Europe “off season”, I’ll stop the blog here and return to it when something picturesque happens.

A stop for dinner in lovely Longparish. My cycling home-turf in Hampshire
Driveway camping at the parents’ house.


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