Humberto goes (Back) to Hayling Island

Wednesday 6th December:

Well, we found ourselves with another couple of days free in our current busy schedule (roll on next summer when we hope to be free as birds to roam at will).

The forecast was “Wild and Windy” which I like.  It keeps the coastal car parks clear.  Hayling Island is, in my opinion, ten times nicer in Winter than Summer.  Wrapped up warm you can walk along the beach to sea-front cafes (or the Ferryboat Inn) or you can just watch the crazy wind-surfers battle the elements from the warmth of Humberto’s cab.  We spent two days doing both those things.

Just Humberto and the empty Beach huts. This photo doesn’t convey how cold and windy it was. It was rockin’

We had our evening meal in the “Inn on the Beach”, just a five minute stroll from the car park.  It was blowing an absolute “Hooey” as we walked there, real winter coastal weather…lovely.

I can’t resist Moules Frites when they are available and these, I have to say, were superb.  Bigger than any I’ve had in France (and I’ve had lots in France).  We had a lovely evening in there before staggering (it was the wind, honestly) back to Humberto for the night.

Just about the best Mussels I’ve ever had at The Inn on the Beach.

The Hayling beach appears to be a Mecca for Windsurfers and Kite Surfers.  It looks terrifying to me in such winds but, credit where credit was due, these fellas were tearing along and making it look easier than it undoubtable is.

This guy must have been going about 30mph, he was literally flying at some points.

The following day we walked for about 40 minutes to the Ferryboat Inn where we had some (Medicinal purposes only) Hot Spiced Apple Cider.  That definitely warmed us up for the walk back as the sun started to set spectacularly.  

It was only a 2 night stop but we had about 200 days worth of weather.  It changed avery 20 minutes.

One of the many self-decorated Beach Huts (I bet you’re humming it to yourself now)
The setting sun giving a pink hue to the beach


The sun finally sets into the sea, and a turbulent sea it was.

A hasty breakfast on Friday before packing up and we were home an hour later, avoiding the disaster-zone that is the M27/M3/A34 junction on a Friday afternoon.

Two days in Humberto still feels, in a nice way, like a full holiday.

Now to wait for another gap in our current busy lives so we can grab a couple more winter away-days.


Lee @ Go Humberto!

2 thoughts on “Humberto goes (Back) to Hayling Island

  1. Anna Forsberg says:

    Nice to find your blog! We are moving permanently into our motorhome in a few months. Planing on explore Europe in the winters and stay in Sweden in the summer. We love England, and will also travel a lot in your country. I wonder, our RV is 8,5 meters long, it that a problem in UK?

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Anna.
      Thank you.
      OK 8.5 metres is not unusual or such a problem. Width is more of an issue for Motorhomes and Caravans. I would advise buying a paper Road Map (such as AA Great Britain available at any Services).
      The paper map gives you a good idea of road sizes. Sometimes a SatNav can guide you down VERY narrow Farm roads so it’s good to have your passenger check using a map.

      Right, I need to update my Blog.

      I hope you keep reading …see you on the road maybe.


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