Île d’Oleron. Good Morning Grapes.

July 25th 2019

France is now entering its second record-breaking heatwave of the summer. Almost the entire country, including the North, will be experiencing 40degC temperatures for a few days.

Seeing those forecasts prompted me to look for a cool spot. The only places I could find were the islands off La Rochelle so, with a long drive ahead of us, we set off.

Camping les Pins, St Trojan led Bains.

We found one of the last places available at Camping Huttopia, Île d’Oleron, and spent a very uneventful 3 days sheltering from the heat.

The most exciting thing was watching an Ant colony relocating from one log to another. We didn’t bother them and they didn’t bother us.

Lovely cycle paths all around Île d’Oleron

We got a bit bored after 3 days and also saw that it was cooler the further east you were on the island.

I found a place (using the superb ‘Park4Night’ App) on a working vineyard, and we headed off a few miles west.

In amongst the vines.
Why Motorhomes are so brilliant

The vineyard, at Vignoble Vincent, actually has a ‘Camping Cars This Way’ sign outside and so, as you’d expect is very accommodating.

You simply drive into on of the 5 or so spaces between the vines and you’re camping!

We arrived yesterday, Wednesday, and today we’re booked on a tour of the vineyard this evening.

The vineyard shop sells their produce. Anything you can make from grapes seems to be here.

For now though I’m going to sit outside, in a lovely welcome breeze, and have my morning cuppa.

We’ll pop into nearby St. Pierre d’Oleron soon, using the cycle path, and grab a coffee.

These free, off-grid, stop-overs are usually my favourite. It’s what makes motorhoming so unique.

Behind the winery, at the end of the vines. Superb location.

There just aren’t the same opportunities for Caravanners, who typically need to seek out 240v and running water on a ‘proper’ campsite. Not only is that an expensive life, but means you miss out on mornings like this, waking up to find yourself drinking your tea in amongst the grapes.

Good Morning Grapes!

Update. We’re leaving in the morning but we just opened a bottle of Pineau Blanc. Yummy!!!

€10 A litre and it’s superb. I don’t foresee an early start tomorrow.

Trés Bon!


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