Josselin, Tinténiac and Dinan

So here we were, entering our final week away, and heading slowly back to the Port at Dieppe.

On our way to a canal-side stop-over at Tinténiac we stopped for a coffee in Josselin. Once again it was cold, wet and deserted….but stunning.

The chateau of Josselin, dwarfing the ‘peasant’s accomodation’ below.
Mean, Moody and Magnificent. Josselin.

It was a planned diversion ever since I saw a photo of the chateau whilst planning this trip.

After the coffee it was off to Tinténiac and a free Aire I’d heard of.

Another free location to ourselves in Tinténiac

The service point wasn’t working (like so many in Winter) but the location is great, very quiet but close to the main road. Since this was a sleep stop we didn’t bother walking into town. Instead we headed off straight after breakfast.

Dinan is a favourite place of mine. It’s a must-see gem along with nearby Mont st Michel and St Malo.

Since overnighting is a bit of an issue in Dinan itself we opted for a great Aire in Lanvallay, across the magnificent viaduct from Dinan.

Lanvallay Aire is a 20 minute walk over the viaduct.
The beautiful Port de Dinan below the viaduct
Dinan, unusually quiet.

It was lovely to walk around Dinan in tranquillity for a change. We even walked some of the ramparts, something we weren’t even aware of before.

Team Humberto at Dinan
Only a few clues that it isn’t medieval times.
The Aire at Lanvally, free apart from a 2€ token for water

Another cheap night later we headed off once more.

Next stop, Juno D-Day Beach then back to Dieppe..but that’s in the next blog.


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