Lauzun and Measuring Land

June 30th 2019

As part of buying the property near Eymet (see a previous post) I had to have some land boundaries measured and legally defined (like a land-registry drawing in Britain).

In order to stay close to the property we found a really nice free Aire de Camping Car in Lauzun.

Lauzun Château, as big as Lauzun itself!
The tiny Aire on the edge of town
Beautiful view from the Aire. Lauzun park.

Lauzun is a cute medieval town, tiny actually with one of everything you need. 1 bar, 1 bank, 1 restaurant, 1 convenience shop …etc. Everything is along the “High Street”.

It could be our local village soon, and I’d be very happy with that.

Lauzun. All you need in 100 metres.

The land survey went well. Should the house purchase complete I will now have a clearly-defined boundary, and right-of-way to my own small woodland (I know, my own woodland!!!).

The Geometre (Surveyor) putting boundary markers in place

It’s exciting time and we really want to start putting down some roots in this house.

However, if something does go wrong with this Plan A then we always have our original Plan A, to continue on our travelling adventures.

It’s a real 1st-World problem, and a total luxury, to have the choice of TWO plan As. I’m well aware of how lucky we are.

Keep tuning in to see which plan A we end up with.


2 thoughts on “Lauzun and Measuring Land

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Lee Angeline
    Very interested to see what plan A you decide on
    Great pictures and posts (as usual)
    Looking forward to then next instalments and what you decide.

    We have just bought our new VW California and have returned from a tour of Scotland’s West Coast so in our own way dipping our toes in the water re travel
    Next year France inspired by your travels
    Best wishes
    Greg and Anne

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Greg. It’s just so easy here, especially off-season. The French make it very simple to visit places.
      The only thing to worry about is making sure your awning faces east, or you’ll bake alive in the evenings.

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