Hello, we are Lee and Angeline, “Team Humberto”.  This Blog is dedicated to the travels of Humberto the Hymer, our B544.

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We’re a couple of fifty-somethings who realised (to quote someone whose name I can’t remember): “The hours seem to be dragging but the years seem to be flying“.

We’ve spent the last 28 years camping, almost every year, in France.  There was a bit of UK in there and a bit of Spain but mostly France.

We started with a basic frame tent stuffed in a Talbot Avenger and ended up towing a vast Conway Crusader “Folding Camper”.

Basically we’ve served our time under canvas.

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As long as we’ve been camping we’ve been talking about moving to a Motorhome.  I’ve lost track of how many Sundays we’ve found ourselves at Motorhome dealerships.

After so long looking at, and discussing, Motorhomes it’s just time we found out, one way or another.

We are now at the stage where the mortgage is paid, the house is ours (strange feeling after a third of a century paying a mortgage).

Our two children are adults (How did that happen?).

I’ve spent almost 40 years working for huge companies (Telecoms, then IT and finally Telecoms again) where I am but a tiny cog in a colossal machine.

My Wife has been a Childminder for 28 years or so and got to the point where some of the babies she cared for have started bringing their own kids to our door.

So we decided that it’s time to do something new. The first part of which involved actually getting a Motorhome.

After months of looking through Auto Trader and looking around Dealer forecourts we found the Motorhome we both liked, a 2008 Hymer B544 SL

It seems that any Motorhome is a series of Pros vs Cons and it’s a matter of getting as many Pros ticked as possible and living with the Cons.

The B544 doesn’t have a garage, that’s a Con (extremely useful for long-term touring and full-timing) BUT it does still have tons of storage and, most important to me, lots of space in the lounge for “slumping”. A garage generally seems to imply a fixed bed.  A fixed bed seems to imply a smaller lounge.

I want to stretch out rather than sit upright around a table. In fact that was Priority #1 for me, at the expense of almost any other Con.

Anyway, it’s all a very personal choice, one layout is no better than another, it’s what floats your particular boat. You want a big fixed bed? You damn well get a big fixed bed.

Without further ado…here..at the dealership……waiting for a few bits to be bolted on and a good clean…. is……….

Ta-Dah! …..Humberto (“Eight years old and HOW BLOODY MUCH?.. is that in Pounds or Lira?”)


As I write this (In August 2016)  we don’t even own Humberto.  He’s being prepared and I plan to collect him on Friday August 19th 2016. (If something goes wrong then this will be the shortest BLOG in history).

We have at least a year to prepare for any “Grand-Tour”, which gives us plenty of time to deal with the house, with jobs, with the children and also to get familiar with Motorhome life in the UK.

From this day forth we will be gohumberto.com

I’ll start adding posts as and when I have some Humberto-related news.


Lee & Angeline….aka….