Loctudy, Quimper and Carnac

Amazingly we are now in our 4th week on the road! Really, after years of dreaming and planning, we’re doing exactly what we aimed to do. Yes, life got in the way, I’m sure it always does, but here we are, a month away in Northern France in Winter.

Ok, after the beating up on the Brézellec cliffs, as amazing as it was, we needed some sleep. We found it in Loctudy, a rather posh looking sailing town with a ‘normal’ beach (Langoz beach being normal because you could stroll on sand without the worry of the Atlantic dashing you against granite rocks).

Langoz beach, Loctudy.
A Camping Car-parks Aire with excellent Service point.
Local Pommeau
Local Cidre

In all honesty Loctudy was a bit dull. It’s closed season and we’d been spoiled with such wild and brutal scenery that ‘normal’ beaches seemed very boring. What we did appreciate however was 2 nights uninterrupted sleep.

After 2 nights in Loctudy we moved to Quimper Municiple camping, right in urban Quimper.

It’s a bit of an oasis in the centre of colleges and housing but it means a 20 minute stroll into the heart of old Quimper.

Quimper Cathedral has a curved knave.
Beautiful sunlight through stained glass
Unbelievable blue skies after days of grey and rain
Luxury camping in the centre of Quimper… no gravel!

A day in Quimper was a taste of civilisation, after days of little human contact. We said, “what the hell”, and had a nice meal in town, we’d earned it.

Quimper Cathedral has a bizarre curved knave that, apparently, follows the natural curve of suitable building land, avoiding marshy ground. To me that sounds like something the builders tells the client when it’s time to discuss payment.

And so to Carnac.

Amazing as the stone alignments at Carnac are, you need to remember we live close to Stonehenge and Avebury.

If you’ve never seen Stonehenge or Avebury then Carnac will amaze you but, and I feel a bit of a killjoy saying this, the Carnac experience comes 3rd in my opinion. Come and see them by all means but go and see Avebury for a better overall experience.

We were going to stay overnight, to spend more time at Carnac, but we walked around the stones for an hour and decided we’d seen Carnac.

We headed around the corner to Plouharnel Municiple and a chance of a sunset over the sea.

All to ourselves

Plouharnel gives a great view over a natural harbour plus a 30 minute woodland walk to a westerly facing beach for sunsets.

We had the beach to ourselves (A theme of our January tour).

That brought us to our final week. Our ferry was booked for Sunday 10th Feb, in a week’s time so we decided to point Humberto at Dieppe and start winding our way slowly in that direction.

See you later for Josselin, Tinténiac and Dinan.


3 thoughts on “Loctudy, Quimper and Carnac

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Jo!

      That’s our plan. Life has dealt us some bad hands and some good hands recently, just like everyone else I guess.

      There comes a time when you need to make a decision though. …..

      Mine was (a) A great salary and a few weeks vacation a year until I’m 63 or (b) Call it quits at 56, accept the lack of a good salary but trade it for “poverty” on the road.

      So far poverty on the road beats spreadsheets, conference calls and annual goal-setting (..and it’s not real poverty after all, just no company car or luxury hotels).

      Someone once said that true wealth was being able to do what you want, go where you want, when you want.
      In that respect we’re richer than ever before.

      We have a 4 bedroom house (for sale) but are happiest in a 6.5m van.
      We actually don’t need most of the things we worked to buy, and that the TV told us we needed.

      We’ve been sold a lie I think.

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