More Pub Car Parks (Whoops!)

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about Humberto but he does seem to end up in a lot of pub car parks.

Our first one, on Friday evening, is set to become a bit of a favourite I think.  The Crown Inn at Cholderton.  It’s literally a 10 minute drive from home.  The pub is lovely and traditional, they do nice food and the car park is big and quiet.  

The way I look at it is “why spend over £20 on a C&CC site for a Friday night when it’s dark and all you are going to do is walk to the nearest pub?“.  I’d rather put that money towards some pub grub (and we do).

It was “French Night” at The Crown so we took advantage of a 4-course meal for 2 and bottle of wine for £50 (nearer £25 if you take into account my maths from above).

What more do you actually need on a Friday night?
A warm fire, nice atmosphere, nice food. Our new “Local”?

We didn’t have a plan for the weekend, I just wanted to head for the south coast and see where it led.  After an hour or two meandering through Wiltshire and Dorset we ended up at Poole Harbour, near Sandbanks.  It was beautifully sunny and warm, and looked quite mediterranean.  We grabbed a late breakfast coffee at a harbour cafe before heading round the coast to Swanage.

The British and a Beach at Swanage (No, it’s not us)

It was nice, finally, to stroll around town in the sun.  It feels like the UK summer has just been Spring rolling straight into Autumn, missing out summer entirely.  We made the most of it before walking back to Humberto and heading towards Corfe Castle and our next pub car park at Church Knowle.

Another quiet corner of another country pub car park. The New Inn, Church Knowle

Church Knowle is just a mile from the base of Corfe Castle so it was perfect for our Sunday plan: Get to the National Trust car park early and make the most of the amazing location (The NT car park at Corfe Castle gets packed quite early, especially on sunny Sundays.)

After more superb food at The New Inn (and a few nightcaps back at Humberto) we had another undisturbed night.  I can honestly say it’s been quieter in the pub car parks we’ve used than most campsites.

9am, Sunday, at the National Trust car park at Corfe Castle. It was not this quiet by lunch time.
I don’t need to say anything do I? Amazing Corfe Castle (drone photo)

We wandered into Corfe Castle village for coffee/breakfast, took some photos from the Castle itself and then just relaxed back at Humberto.

A congestion-free drive back through Dorset and Wiltshire saw us home for dinner on Sunday and the end of another weekend adventure.  It’s still surprising just how much you can pack into a weekend when you “free camp” every day.  I know I keep saying it but it feels like a week every time we go away for the weekend. 

Team Humberto, Lee & Angeline, at Corfe Castle

Finally, a brief video of the stunning Corfe castle.

Lee @ Go Humberto!


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