New Year in the Cotswolds

Apologies… I got distracted for a few weeks and forgot to update the Blog.

Can you tell where this photo was taken?Sunday December 31 2017 …..New Year’s Eve.

What can I say?  Neither of us really enjoy the “forced fun” of New Year’s Eve.  We’ve done our fair share of late nights, expensive entrance prices and packed bars at New Years.  With this in mind we decided to head for a camp site.

Rather surprisingly the first place I tried had spaces (a new favourite C&M site in Moreton-in-Marsh, in the Cotswolds.).

The beauty of this site is that it’s so simple to get to for us.  A303, A34 then A44 to the entrance of the campsite, it really is that easy, 3 turns.

There was a “bit of a do” in a Marquee at reception but it was packed and precisely what we were trying to avoid so we kept to ourselves and went for a midnight stroll around the site ( we sound old and boring or what?).  

A 12 year old treat to myself.

Monday January 01 2018

I can’t say there’s much to write about Monday.  We went for a leg-stretch around Moreton-in-Marsh but nothing more than that.  A very lazy day indeed (I’m sure we weren’t alone…not many people bothered taking their screen-covers off).

Tuesday January 02 2018

Finally we weren’t lazy.  We had planned to visit Stow-on-the -Wold and did just that.  Moreton is very well serviced by buses, it’s on a crossroads between several well-known Cotswold towns and villages.

We walked into town and took the hourly bus the 6 miles to Stow.  It was raining sideways (Storm Eleanor) so we ran into a pub for lunch.

Public Transport is the Motorhomer’s best friend

If there’s one thing the British do better than anyone else it’s the country Pub in winter.  Log fires, leather sofas, local Ales.  This had the lot and I had a fabulous Venison Burger (The White Hart in Stow).  I could have spent the entire day in there to be honest.

Nobody does this better than the Brits

We strolled around Stow for an hour, looking at quaint Cotswold shops and grabbing a coffee, before heading for the bus back to Moreton, actually a perfect way to spend a day, strolling, eating, drinking, and not doing much at all.  I think I’m addicted to not doing much at all.

Scotts have got the town sewn up
Apparently JRR Tolkien was inspired by this church

Back at Humberto we could feel Storm Eleanor picking up speed.  The van was rocking and trees were bending.  I was a bit worried about damage from any branches that may come our way.

Wednesday January 03 2018

We were woken around 6am as a tree branch hit the roof!!!  Luckily, despite it sounding very expensive, it was actually quite a small branch and blew off the roof a while later, no damage done.

Since we were up we decided to pack away, have breakfast and head home.

The journey home was a white-knuckle ride.  Severe cross-winds had my arms aching, trying to maintain a straight course.  I was very relieved to get home.  Humberto really doesn’t deal with strong winds very well.  I have no idea if all Motorhomes drive this way, I suspect they are all prone to it.  No fun.

So that concludes our New Year trip.  We may get away again soon, in late January, we’ll see.  Watch this space.


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        1. Humberto says:

          Hopefully that’s fixed it. In future I’ll use a non-Google web browser to check it worked because Google makes everything work on my own (Google friendly) PC.

  1. Graham says:

    Great news, enjoyable as ever, completely ageee about doing doing nothing at all, however you need to have a Humberto to do it in….. keep ‘em coming love the humour.

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