September Catch-up 2019

Almost caught up to where we are now, as of September 20th, in Germany.

Sep 03 – After another spell on my parents’ driveway we headed to Oxford and the stunning city centre.

I’ve never had the chance to properly¬† before so it was a luxury to have a few days to do nothing but explore the stunning buildings and sample some of the old pubs (once frequented by Tolkien and CS Lewis…amongst other literary giants).
The Ashmolian museum is a high-point.¬† It’s free(!!!!) and worth the visit alone.¬† See it!After so many short stays it was nice to put down some roots for a few days.
My dental treatment was looming so it was back to Hampshire after a final look around this amazing city.Sep 09 – Back to my parents’ one last time, to sort out my new tooth then we headed towards Eurotunnel by way of my Son’s place near Brighton.

Sep 11 – Brighton.
Just a couple of nights, to meet with my Son and move closer to Eurotunnel.
I doubt I’ll ever have enough time to photograph all the things/people of interest in Brighton, but I did my best to snap some images in, and around, the Laines.

Sep 13 – Honest Miller pub, Ashford. Kent.
Our final stop before the train tomorrow.
A lovely country pub, with great food and a quiet car park.

Sep 14 2019. And the journey begins again…

That gets us underway.
Next stop…. Belgium.


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