Spring has Finally Sprung on Hayling Island

It’s been a while since the last blog but life sometimes gets in the way of well-laid plans, so here goes..

After what seems like a 6 month Autumn and Winter there was a forecast of a few nice days down here in the South of England.  We took the opportunity to pack Humberto and head to Hayling Island again.  It’s no more than a public car-parking spot but it is right on the, pebble, beach.    

Hayling Island Beach, close to The Inn on the Beach pub.

Apart from the attraction of facing directly out to sea there are two coastal pubs within walking distance.  The Inn on the Beach is two minutes walk and the Ferryboat Inn is 30 minutes walk, along the beach.  We ate at both and, once again, I have to say that the Moules Frites at the Inn on the Beach was superb.

We’d planned to spend just one night but, since we had a prime spot, we decided it was crazy to leave just to go home and sit in front of a TV, so we stayed another night.

Here’s a first attempt at a “proper” VLOG using my Phone, a selfie stick and an external Mic (no, I’m not being attacked by a Mouse).

It gets busy with Motorhomes and spaces aren’t empty for long. It’s very much like the Aires in France.  There’s always a nice community feel with other Motorhomers and we got chatting to Steve and friends (see the end of the video above). 

I think a couple of nights is about right here unless you’re a Wind-surfer or paddle-boarder.  There’s not a great deal to see or do except sit back and relax on the beach (no bad thing of course).

We, like our neighbours, got the BBQ out and cooked a couple of beautiful steaks.  It’s so nice to be using the BBQ again, there’s something extra special about a BBQ on the beach isn’t there?

Anyway, here are some photos and a drone video to give you an idea of what Hayling Island is like in the sun.  Enjoy and:

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Time to sit back and FINALLY bask in some sun


A pint to wash down the Fish and Chips lunch


Sunset over Portsmouth



A toddler has a final splash as the sun goes down


Someone just chilling out, watching the surf


Friends gossiping and (presumably) texting in the sun


All he caught was Seaweed but that’s not the point

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9 thoughts on “Spring has Finally Sprung on Hayling Island

  1. Tony Bland says:

    I used to windsurf off that beach 25+ years ago. It was NEVER that peaceful. No wonder you stayed a second night.

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Tony!!

      I’ve seen it with loads of paddle-boarders, maybe 20 or so, but very few wind-surfers. It seems that kite-surfing and Paddle-boarding are taking over.

      One Kite-surfer told me he’d swapped from Wind-surfing because he was bored of looking right into a sail all the time. Kite-surfing gives you a better view apparently.

  2. Jo says:

    Great spot! and with free “fettlings” (fresh water and chemical loo emptying). We’ve been there a few times over the years. Do they still charge £10 a night via one of those parking apps?

    1. Humberto says:

      Hi Jo.
      It’s £10 in Winter and £15 from Spring through Autumn.

      My neighbour for the weekend said he’d been there 100 times and never paid overnight. He was fined once, £25. So I guess you take your chances. It’s £6 for the day as well so, in my opinion, it’s bloody expensive when you compare it with the French equivalents. I won’t tell you whether I paid the overnight fee or not… that can be my little secret. I don’t want to influence anyone.

      The public loos close at 5pm and the Chemical disposal needs a RADAR key to access (I emptied into a public loo). I can’t vouch for a fresh water point. We easily carry enough on board for a weekend.

  3. Jo says:

    We got a RADAR key for £3 from the tourist info place round the corner. You never know when one might come in handy (you never know when you might want / need to access a locked disabled loo) and there aren’t many places (unless things have changed) that’ll hand them out to just anyone…..
    Good to know about the low chances of getting caught. I guess we’re just too law-abiding (some might say wimpish 😉).
    Good luck with the revamp. Please do let ys know how you get on – I’m psyching myself up to do the same when we get home from this trip. My main quibble with our current theme is that it doesn’t come with a search box…..

  4. Paul says:

    Really like the way you capture the mood. I have seen some video’s taken with a drone flying at eye level which look awesome don’t always feel the need to go into orbit just because it can! But again lovely shots and keep them coming.

    1. Humberto says:

      Thanks Paul,

      Always learning how to get the best from the drone. I’m trying to produce videos of more than just, “look how high my drone is” and (hopefully) each one os better than the last.
      It’s still fairly nerve-wracking though, sending £1,000 a mile out to sea.


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