Video – Economics of LPG Tanks

After 2 years with our GAS-IT LPG tanks I decided to make another, slightly better, video of how to fill them in the UK and, more importantly perhaps, a quick look at how much money they save you versus a bottle-exchange system (such as Calor Gas).

In summary there’s a huge saving when buying LPG from a garage by the litre. It’s somewhere between 33% and 25% of the cost of the Calor Gas equivalent.

You need to weigh-up the cost of buying & installing a permanent LPG system of course. For us it is clear that the installation will break even in about 2.5 years, sometime this Spring (2019) I expect. Once that happens then it’s all pure savings and money in the pocket.

If however you use 240V hookups for heating then the economics may not make sense. In that case you may be able to justify it on convenience.

For us the permanent LPG system is worth more than just the savings, it’s a convenience benefit also. Consider our plans of going full-time with many off-grid stops in Europe. In winter it is quite easy to run a 6Kg Calor bottle empty in a winter week. Not only is that around £23 you also have the hassle of locating a replacement before the backup 6Kg runs dry. On mainland Europe I have never even seen a Calor dealership.

We have 2x11Kg bottles which (a) give us a few weeks off-grid and (b) allow us to top-up at any suitable garage forecourt. It’s extremely comforting to know you have a full (or almost full) supply of gas. There is zero waste (an issue with exchange bottles if you don’t run them to completely empty, making them even more uneconomic if you don’t).

Hopefully my overview of our LPG costs will help give you an idea whether it’s a worthwhile investment for you. If money is no object then have the conversion done for no other reason than the convenience. If your Gas usage is high then you will see that it may pay for itself quite quickly.

Anyway, the choice is yours. For us it’s worked out well. 9 refills in over 2 years and a total refill cost of £100. Off-Grid here we come.


2 thoughts on “Video – Economics of LPG Tanks

  1. Howard Hogton says:

    Excellent video especially for me as I have had the gas it system fitted but not yet had to fill them yet but will this week . So thanks for that .

    1. Humberto says:

      Thanks Howard.
      We’re off to France next week so there’s a chance I may need to top-up the system. I have a bag of brass adapters so I’ll try to make sure I video any attempts to use them.


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