Video – Replacing Oven Door Hinges

This is a very niche video and may possibly only be of help to 3 people in the history of the World. However if you have a Dometic Fridge/Freezer/Oven “Tec Tower” like ours, and the hinges give up on you, you may want to replace them yourself.

The hinges are ridiculously expensive (expect to pay £80 a pair !!) so you really don’t want to pay any more for an engineer to replace them.

It’s a straightforward job, despite some Forum chats saying it’s complicated.

Anyway, here’s my attempt to show you how to replace them.

2 thoughts on “Video – Replacing Oven Door Hinges

  1. Bigmomma says:

    Hi guys, saw you via a comment you recently posted on another Blog (Julie & Jay). We both gave up professional careers, sold our house and ‘all’ our possessions and went off to live in our 9 metre, tag axle Autotrail Comanche, that was five and a half years ago !! We downsized to a Hymer Exsis t414 in July 2017 !! If you are interested in reading about the twists and turns we have experienced in that time, including fuel contamination whilst in Morroco then you can find our story at

    1. Humberto says:

      We’ll definitely give that a read. It’s impossible to get enough shared experiences.

      Our month in Brittany made me realise how quickly time flies by, and how long it takes to really see a place. We said we wouldn’t rush about but we fell into the trap of moving on too quickly.

      In fairness to ourselves it’s easier to put down roots in Summer I think, when villages aren’t quite so shut.

      Hopefully we’ll be back on the road in April but that’s all in the hands of Solicitors now.


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